When I searched for a solution to the “abnormal program termination” error with the AVS4You Video Editor (AVSVideoEditor.exe) I found detailed instructions on the AVS4YOU.com web site… and initially they worked.

Basically, they ask you to uninstall, clean, and reinstall.  That didn’t work for me so I contacted their tech support.  They sent me an updated version of essentially the same instructions, but this time ending with

“…and run the AVSVideoEditorSafeMode.bat file”.

I started with that and for about a day I was able to run AVS4YOU Video Editor in safe mode… but then today, even in “safe mode” I get the “abnormal program termination” message!  Argh!!

The ACTUAL last thing in the support instructions was

“If it doesn’t resolve the issue, please send us MediaLibrary.vec file from the folder: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\AVS4YOU\AVSVideoEditor\Data\”.

When I went to do that, however, I realized I had a 229MB file and preferred not to just upload that much data without giving it a single seconds’ thought.  So, instead of just sending it to them – and God only knows how quickly they can go through 229MB of “stuff”! – I simply renamed “MediaLibrary.vec” to “MediaLibrary.vec.DELETE” and voila, now AVS4You Video Editor runs again!

So, the solution: if you can live with re-importing whatever you need back your Media Library – I assume! – just rename that damn “MediaLibrary.vec” file (or delete it straight away if you’re willing to take the chance)!

For me, at least, problem solved!  Good luck!