New Control4 Discussion Board / Forum Added

For those who contributed to the 935 (!) comments on my post, "Control4 Composer", originally added 2013/1/31, I have now added a Control4 Discussion Board. Sign up, contribute, start new topics, have at it!

Control4 Drama / HC-1000 USB Restore

The other day I found that the remotes weren't working, the 2- and 6-button keypads weren't working... no timers, no logic... uh-oh! So, bust out Composer Pro ( - yes, my system is still pre-Zigbee Pro because I wish to administer it myself and not pay a...

Control4 Composer

I just added a Control4 Discussion Board to this site. Get in there and add some topics! Have fun. 🙂   WHO WANTS TO HELP RETIRE THIS PAGE AND ALL THE COMMENTS... and REPLACE IT with a NEW PAGE GIVING CLEAR DIRECTIONS TO ADDRESS COMPOSER PRO INSTALLATION AND...

Control4 Notes

Ever since I installed a Control4 home automation system in the new house I have been fiddling with it. It's obtuse in many ways, but also pretty neat in others. My biggest complaint is that I thought I would be able to do *anything* I wanted with it. But I can't....


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