I just added a Control4 Discussion Board to this site. Get in there and add some topics! Have fun. 🙂


WHO WANTS TO HELP RETIRE THIS PAGE AND ALL THE COMMENTS… and REPLACE IT with a NEW PAGE GIVING CLEAR DIRECTIONS TO ADDRESS COMPOSER PRO INSTALLATION AND FUNCTION?? I simply don’t have the time myself, but with some editorial input I will happily post that page on this site. And files too. Hit the Contact page and drop me note.


Just found some lovely information on Composer Pro 2.x… specifically, a link to a crack for it.  Apparently it doesn’t work so well on 2.3, but sounds like it works well on 2.0.x through 2.2.x… as long as you have a valid Director 2.x licence.


>>>UPDATE<<< The above link is dead… so I have made the Composer Pro patch available here.

>>>THANKS<<< to Rob for his comment about this patch working up to 2.2.2 but not on versions beyond that.

>>>VERIFY?<<< Tyler reports that this patch DOES work on versions 2.6.0, 2.7.0 and 2.7.1… looking for confirmation!