Ever since I installed a Control4 home automation system in the new house I have been fiddling with it. It’s obtuse in many ways, but also pretty neat in others. My biggest complaint is that I thought I would be able to do *anything* I wanted with it. But I can’t. There are “Pro” and “Home” versions of the software and any significant changes – like adding a light switch, television, etc. – are supposed to be done by a dealer. But whatever… I’ve worked with three “dealers” and it’s ridiculous… so…

I occasionally stumble across tips and technical notes that I’m likely to lose, so I thought I’d document them some place not-so-easily-lost. And what better place than my own site… where perhaps others can contribute?! So… visitors… please feel free to contribute!!

Device Reset – Resets the device to factory defaults.

Dimmer/Switch/Keypad: top button 9-times, bottom button 9-times, top button 9-times. Pause for a breath between each set of 9 presses. For the 6-Button Keypad, this is the top left and bottom left button.
Outlet dimmer/switch: press the “identify” button 9-times

I found the same instructions but advising 5-presses for a reset… perhaps for Zigbee Pro?

For trouble identifying a device, try the 9-9-9 reset and then restart the Zserver and attempt to identify.

Device Reboot – This action reboots the device, but does not clear programming associated with the device.

Dimmer/Switch/Keypad: top button 15-times. On the 6-Button Keypad, this is the top left button.

Check Zigbee Channel – This will cause the device to blink the number of the zigbee channel.

Dimmer/Switch/Keypad: top button 7-times, bottom button 4-times, top button 7-times.

If the channel doesn’t match the one for your System Remote Control and Controller, the channel will need to be changed. Call Control4 Technical Support.

Leave Old Mesh and Reset

13-4-13 (Zigbee Pro only?)

And on the audio side, some notes from a conversation I had online:

MD: I would like to combine two pairs of speakers (4 in total) onto a single zone so I don’t need to go buy more hardware.  All speakers are 8-ohm… and I know that I can connect them in series for 16-ohms, or in parallel for 4-ohms.  But I can’t find the v2 amp specs… what impedance range is it able to handle?  Is there going to be a problem having 8-ohms on 7 zones and 4- or 16-ohms on 1 zone of the same amp?
B: It can handle down to 4 ohms, so you can put 2 speakers in parallel to get 4 speakers in one zone.  I’ve done exactly what you’re trying to do  – works fine.
ILoveC4: I can also confirm that this works great.