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Composer Pro 2.8.2 Broker/Director issue

I have Composer Pro ( Cracked ) Version 2.5.3, I can login to the system on my HC250 and see all the connections and etc, but can't modify anything. I believe I don't have the corresponding version of director of my system, my system has director version (I used the remote to find that out) and the other thing is 03.26.17. I could not get the 2.8.2 composer to connect to my system, it would fail. Any ideas?

On the Composer Pro 2.8.2 I get this error:

Broker is not connected to Director. The connection status is: 'Exception: Error reading JToken from JSON reader Path

If you see the Json error the composer.p12 certificate is invalid or hasn't been created.  Double check that this has been created via either the Jailbreak tool or Composer 2.5.3 Composer.exe with the "Special Exe" one (the one that causes the, composer.p12 and openssl.conf files to be created.