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Composer Pro Latest Version Download Location

Figured out a quick little trick for those of us newbies looking for the download location of the latest Composer Pro, I came up with a way to create the link without knowing the changelist digits.  For the last few revisions, the Home Edition has the same changelist digits as the Pro version.  Therefore, if you can get the Home Edition Download link, you simply change the "HE" in the download link to "Pro" and it will download that version of the Composer Pro executable.  I found the quickest way to get the latest version of Home Edition is to login to your Control4 Portal account.  There should be a link there to download Home Edition which you can modify.  For example, to download 3.1.2... do the following

  1. Login to the Control4 Customer Portal with your account (
  2. Look for a link for the latest version of Home Edition.  At the time of writing this post, there was only a link about a Security Update which takes you to the Composer Home Edition download link (
  3. When the site opens there is a Download Composer Home Edition button on the site.  Right Click and choose Copy Link (or whatever the method is to copy a hyperlink on your browser).  So when I wrote this, the latest version of Home Edition was 3.1.2 571670.
  4. So in order to get Composer Pro download, simply change the "HE" in the link above to "Pro".  For example, the Composer Pro Link is simply
  5. Then simply save the file and you will be able to download the latest version of Composer Pro

Thank you!