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Composer Pro - New Patch - Initial Downloads Available

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Hi all,

Not a C4 user, but will be soon. Thought I would jump on here as a lot of the work already conducted/discussed help me significantly, and feel I should 'put back' to the community.

I'm currently working on an expansion to C4Jailbreak, and wanted to see if there was any interest. Whilst I don't have an EA yet (would be great if someone would donate an old model I can run tests on), if been working on the following:

  • Patched EXE (currently 3.24) that removes the registration/certificate check on launch (no requirement for disabling internet/no message box) - Implemented
  • Patched EXE (currently 3.24) that checks if certificates exist/are about to expire and automatically re-generates them each time you run ComposerPro.exe - In Progress, 70% complete
  • Automatic creation of the dealeraccount.xml - In Progress, 80% complete
  • C4Packages Downloader (not just Composer versions) - In Progress, 70% complete
  • Modification to C4Jailbreak, allows selecting of all ComposerPro versions to download - Not Started
  • Modification to C4Jailbreak, which patches ComposerPro.exe to implement the above - In Progress

Another option is C4Jailbreak could be modified to add a scheduled task to windows to update the certificate every 20 days..

Update - Lazy Patched version of 3.24 attached for whoever wants to test.

*Note* Test at your own risk. However, only the startup certificate check has been patched. You will still need proper certificates, this should just remove the startup message box about being offline, and you should need to patch the config file anymore. Let me know how it goes.

Update - C4Jailbreak based on latest version, updated to include ability to download any C4 Composer/HE/Packages. Let me know what you guys think. I haven't done any bug testing, as with my new direction of patching i'm thinking i'll re-write c4jailbreak later on.

Uploaded files:

Wow, that’s an impressive amount of new functionality! Those changes would almost make the process too easy. 😉

Please let us know how it goes and when you’re ready to test.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an old HC800 to donate to the cause.

So, as usual I get distracted (it's a big problem of mine).

Started working on other functionality, before finishing what i've started. Latest additions include a C4 Downloader (not sure if anyone has done this) - see attached image.

I just slapped it together, it allows downloading of all the C4 Packages, not just the Composer Exe. I'm assuming everyone would like this all wrapped into a single tidy package. I'll look at modifying C4Jailbreak to include this downloader as a first step.

All good about the HC800. After my house is finished i'll look at buying a spare EA1 or something just for tinkering. I doubt i'll have the money to waste on it this year though.

Thanks for all the responses so far.

What version of composer are you guys running? I can do a lazy quick patch of your version, which removes the certificate/registration check when you load up the exe.

Uploaded files:

Lazy patched version of 3.24 uploaded for testing (see first post).

C4Jailbreak modified version uploaded.

It now has an additional tab to download all the C4 Composer/HE/Packages. This isn't a final product, but should be useable enough to be helpful.

Files on main post.

Edit: Pictures help! Note, I've assumed the latest version of C4Jailbreak works - I haven't modified any extant functionality, just included the download feature. Enjoy!


Uploaded files:

I have to say, your changes fixed an issue I was having with updating the composer cert, this modified one took care of it! I don't have a problem grabbing an EA1 off eBay and sending it to you if that is something you are open to (if you haven't already grabbed something!)! I'm digging the changes and addons to the tool!

Thanks for the feedback, it's greatly appreciated!

I don't want someone buying one for me, I was more happy to accept a donation for a unit someone was giving away. I'll just wait until i move into the new house then should have some spare cash to buy a second hand unit myself for testing.

The downloader certainly helped myself out 🙂

Makes sense and understood! Wanted to offer anyway hahaha, thank you!

Currently, on 3.1.0 I used to have it hacked and now it's not, and have been struggling ever since to get back into it. so any help here would be great

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