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Composer Pro - New Patch - Initial Downloads Available

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Azazel-  I think this is great.  I would recommend you put your notes and the directions for each section within the C4Jailbreak so as you complete them, the actual program or implementation can be seen but otherwise directions for obtaining them can be found.  This was the C4Jailbreak is all inclusive even though it might not be automated 100%.

Great Job!

Try this

@Azazel I've got a EA-1 thats sat on a shelf for two years that is all yours. Obviously out of date firmware etc but just tested and it powers on.

hit me up on the c4 diy discord. Same username. I can help you with a controller. We can also compare some notes.

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lack of activity - this topic didn't seem to be gaining much attention, plus i've been swamped with other things.

A spare EA1 would certainly be perfect for updating to the latest FW and coding a patch that automates everything! Happy to compare notes, i'll have to look into discord.

I guess, now that this topic is beginning to attract some attention, what functionality/what exactly would you like to see the app do?

Happy to take suggestions and start looking into all this again.

Azazel-  I think to get everything into a simple interface is best and then you can add as necessary depending upon what is needed (starting from scratch and being able to control using composerPro to updating certificates yearly, etc... assuming your using one of the newer controllers).  Garry's is great but refining it would help.

A little birdie tells me OS3.3 drops tomorrow; June 7th so...

I have just upgraded to 3.3 because I was eager to get the light control on the right path, did everything under this latest jailbreak and it worked perfectly... I still get the online services warning but everything else was perfect!! just an FYI!!

one of the things I loved is that I downloaded the files related to the upgrade right from the app!!! thanks for the great work!! keep it going I would love to contribute but I live too far from the US!...

have a great day!

same here. update worked fine without any problems.

download function is great!


Thanks for the feedback everyone, glad it works.

The online check patch wasn't implemented in that release; only for my local copy.

I've been working on the new UI/patching method as requested instead.

Uploaded files:
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