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Control4 with Pihole

Hi all,

I have searched in all of the usual places (google, here & C4forums) and couldn't find an answer.

I installed a Raspberry pi earlier in the week for ad blocking etc using Pi hole. I set it up with my Ubiquity router (has been rock solid with control4) so all DNS was controlled through the Pi hole. Everything worked great until this morning. Turned on whole house music which, turns sonos on in three rooms and a denon amp with a connect in the living room. The system freaked out. Music turning on and off in rooms, volume going up and down, indoor cameras that turn off when we are home and turn on when we leave were turning on and off.

I shut down the DNS and rebooted the Ea3 and everything stopped. Had to do both.

Can Control 4 work with a Pi hole?

Were there extra steps I needed to take that I just didn't do?
Is anyone else using their system with a Pi hole controlling all dns on their network?
My Ea1, Wa3 and touch screens were whitelisted because they showed as a threat. Sonos shows up but not as a threat.

Am 100% sure it is something I didn't (or did) do but can't figure out what. Went back to only computers and tablets on the dns for now till it can be figured out.
Any help much appreciated.



Yes, piHole works without issue with Control4, Sonos and full Unifi stack at my place. Unfortunately the blocklist/DB appears prone to corruption over time (my blocklists were large - 2 million+ entries).  I ended up installing Technitium DNS on two pi's instead and it is much faster and supports caching, DNS over UDP/TCP/HTTPS/TLS, custom blocklists/whitelists and recursive DNS.  It has been faster, more reliable and better at blocking offensive/unwanted content.  I'm using DoH.  It has a nice web interface (screenshot attached).  I ended up also putting Chrony NTP instances on both as well and it's been excellent.  Hope this helps.  Kind regards.

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