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Does anyone have information on 3 button switch programming.

I am looking for information on how to program a 3 button switch. I want each button to turn on lights in different locations when pressed. Then when you press the button again or twice it shuts off the same lights. Any information on "advanced lighting" would be appreciated.

Go to the "programming" section of composer pro.  Select the light and then the button you want to control, then under actions, select the light you want the button to control, then under commands tab choose the functions you want the button to do like ramping, level, etc.  Then double click or drag and drop the command or conditional or loop action you are programming (green arrow in red highlighted box in attached example).  Then will see the new program in the center under "script".  Then add other buttons.  Then when done go to file --> refresh navigators.  Then your done.  Close Composer, don't forget to save a backup.

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Thanks that worked perfectly sometimes I have a tendency to make things to complex or over think things. ( This was one of those times. )

Thanks again.