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EA-3 USB Recovery USBStickCreator

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Ive got a bricked EA-3 - red warning triangle on all the time.

Ive made a USB with the USB tool on this site, but can only get using the tool.

When the EA-3 loads, I get a control4 splash screen on the HDMI output and it just hangs.  It doesn't seem to access the USB drive and the network port doesn't come up.

I cant RMA the box and am willing to spend some time getting it up and running.

Does anyone have a newer version of the tool - or is the one I have the latest copy (ive got v2.3.0.4) - See uploaded image.

Are there any key sequences to use if I plug in a USB keyboard, or is there a way to get a boot loader console session?

Network recovery doesn't work as the ethernet port doesn't come up.  Ive tried plugging the EA-3 into the back of another working EA-3 too but no joy.

Uploaded files:

They did away with USB restore after composer 2.5 now you need to use the network restore tool by the way most EA controller the restore will not work best to use the network restore only

Yep, I’ve got boot logs from the onboard uart and found the issue. I’m writing up some notes for everyone. Thanks for replying as I probably would have held out and lost interest otherwise!

I'd be interested in seeing this. I have a bricked Ea-1. Where is the on-board uart?

here you go - comments welcome!


Thanks! I was able to successfully unbrick my EA-1.


Great! Glad it helped!

did you get the recovery packages from another EA? I was trying to find the URL the controller downloads from as part of the recovery/upgrade process.

Here is an example url:

such awesome work 😀



My EA3 is not working after update.
I do not know how to continue troubleshooting.
does anyone want to help me .. look like partions table is bad

/ Johan
Uploaded files:
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