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Firestick and FireTV drivers

Does any one have or know how to get an IP driver for amazon firestick/firetv that is cracked to by pass license?

its free in composer?

it was but it is no longer working 🙁


The issue is not a licensed or free driver. The issue is much more serious. The OS of the Amazon boxes (or any Android **I think**) no longer supports the communication used by the drivers. Look it up on Public forums for more info.

There are only 3 possible solutions:
1) VideoStorm IRUSB ($$$$$)

2) Flirc  ($$)

3) Use a "No control" driver to select the Amazon and use the amazon app on your phone.

The new Fire TV driver supports all versions of Fire TV now.  They updated the security keys for debugging control and it seems to be working.  It should be version 129.  They also now have Control4 Universal Minilaunch apps for Fire TV, Apple TV etc...  Look in your composer under drivers and it will tell you that the old ones have become obsolete.

I added a FireTV but it doesn't show up under Watch in the navigator.  Not sure why... any ideas?  Everything else went well ADB debug setting up, network address and shows as online under network.