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HC250 Bricked after Cert replacement

I've been following this site for a while, and it has been a lifesaver. I moved into a place that had an HC250 running everything. This site has allowed me to actually live there without paying a fortune to a dealer.

Well, after updating to 2.10.2, I noticed that I could not use SMTP messaging from the HC250. I assumed it was a problem with the certs because it started to occur sometime in May. I followed the steps here:!AnUc1Z8ZgUaIZyoDCcCuDkYHQps but that didn't fix it. So I followed the steps here:

To try to update them manually. I used SCP to overwrite clientca-prod.pem with the one in the zip file attached to the post. After I rebooted, the HC250 never came back online. The wifi light just blinks yellow. I've tried to factory reset, and I tried to use a usb stick to try to recover. Both do nothing. The factory reset button does not change the bootup behaviour. The HC250 turns on and immediately blinks yellow. I even tried replacing the micro sd card to see if that was the cause.

So my question is, what can I do? Anyone ever experience this before? Was it the cert replacement that caused this or just bad luck?

Put everything back as it was before (cables, SD card etc) and try a factory restore as described here:

Let us know the result

Thanks for the reply. I have the same results as the person in c4forums. The yellow light just keeps blinking, never changes colors. I've tried pressing and holding the reset button as well as unplugging power, pressing and holding the reset, and plugging power back in. Both result in the wifi flashing yellow immediately after power is applied/the button is pressed.

I wish I knew if I caused this or if it was something random becoming corrupt. I'd hate to get another unit and brick that one too. Is there any risk when replacing a certificate on the controller that would cause this? I assumed that even if the certificates are corrupt, it would still boot, connect to the router.

Worth a shot:




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HC-250 will not boot - USB NAND Recovery Process

The HC-250 NAND chip can become corrupt causing the HC250 to locked up or get stuck in a state where the HC-250 won’t boot.

Quick Actions

  • Download and unpack the zip file.
  • Copy contents onto the root of a FAT32 USB drive (3 files, 1 folder).
  • Insert USB stick into HC250.
  • Power cycle controller while holding ID button until blinking rapid blue WIFI.
  • After about 15 minutes all 3 LED's should be flashing. Power cycle.
  • Download and unpack zip file.
  • Run C4_HC250_Correct_ECC_Errors_Patch.exe, connect to controller, install.

Symptoms: If the WIFI LED is Blinking blue, blinking yellow or blinking red, this unit’s root file system is damaged causing the system to not boot.  At this point the HC-250 is continuously rebooting but failing to come up. The following recovery files can repair the HC-250 with a fresh images and will allow the system to boot correctly again.
Requirements: A modification was made to the HC-250 to allow it to boot from a USB device. The Date Code on the bottom of the HC-250 MAC label has to be higher that 1329 to allow this Recovery process to work. If the Date Code is lower than 1329, Tech Support will need to RMA this HC-250 device.
Step 1: Download from the following URL, and unpack the zip file.

Download URL:

Step 2: Download URL:
Step 3: Format a USB device to use the FAT32 file system. Copy the content of the unzipped C4_HC250_USB_NAND_Recovery directory to the formatted USB device. 3 files and 1 directory should be on the root of the USB Device.
Step 4: Insert the USB device in the back of the HC-250. Press and hold the ID button on the HC-250 while powering cycling the HC-250 device.  The WIFI LED will blink yellow for about 5 seconds and then start blinking a rapid blue At this point, release the ID button.  The re-imaging of the NAND chip has started so DO NOT POWER CYCLE THE HC-250 during this process. This will brick the controller.  This re-image process can take up to 15 minutes to re-flash the device.
Step 5: Once all 3 LEDs are flashing, the re-imaging process is completed, now remove the USB Stick from the HC-250 and power cycle the unit.
Step 6: On power up, the HC-250 will take 2-5 minutes finishing the image process. Once the WIFI blinking blue stops, the system is ready to receive the following patch.
Step 7: To prevent the HC-250 from getting into this state again, apply the HC-250 Correct ECC Errors Patch to the recovered HC-250.  This can be done by running the C4_HC250_Correct_ECC_Errors_Patch which was downloaded (Step 2) and unzipped previously.
Action: To run the patch:

Download from the above URL, and unpack the zip file.

To patch a system locally:

1. Run C4_HC250_Correct_ECC_Errors_Patch.exe.

2. Select the controller from the list.

3. Click connect.

4. Once the patch uploads all the files to the controller, it will start updating the HC-250 and all the lights on the controller will start flashing.  After the patch has completed, the system will reboot and boot normally.  Once this is completed you will see it should up as a primary controller in composerPro.

Note:  The HC-250 will be reimaged to version 

Thank you for the reply! I thought I had read about all the tools available, but I never came across this one.

Unfortunately, the tool didn't work for me. I placed the files in the correct place, at the root of the drive. I tried three different usb memory sticks, all formatted to fat32 using three different formatting tools. When I insert the usb stick and cycle the power while holding the ID button, it just keeps flashing yellow.

I've already ordered a new unit since my house simply doesn't function without a controller, but if I can salvage the hc250, that would be great. It seems like whatever went wrong was a serious fault. It probably had nothing to do with the certificates, right?


Ok, so my "new" control arrived, but it is the version of HC250 that comes without the license.  If I put its mac address into the usb stick creator tool, the latest it'll let me update to is 2.5.3. If I try to update via update manager, I get a license error. Is there some trick around this to update beyond 2.5.3 or am I stuck?


Update: So it magically fixed itself. I thought perhaps registering the controller would allow me to update. So I replaced the original certs using C4_Cert_Replacement_Patch from C4. I then registered it, and then tried to update. No dice. I then ran the director patch because it booted my composer pro off. I then went in via system manager and changed the vpn something or another to "production". I then tried to update to 2.10.2, and it worked.


The whole thing with the certs has made this process very confusing. So if I'm understanding this correctly, I use the director patch whenever I need to use composer pro and then I replace the certs when I'm done editing the project so that everything runs correctly?  Does anyone have a copy of the latest, unmodified certificates?  (nm, found them. Attached here.)

Uploaded files:

Hi, similar problem with a HC250 I tried using the update utility v2 to upgrade form 2.2.4 to 2.9.1.  Everything went fine except the HC250 never came back.  The Wifi light is blinking yellow slowly.  I tried to a factory reset and after booting the yellow light goes slowly for about 5 sec then blinks fast.  I believe this is it updating itself.  That, however, is as far as I get.  The wifi light just keeps blinking yellow slowly afterward and upon reboot.  I tried the utility above, but it doesn't seem to do anything at all.  I don't even see the light on the thumb drive flashing from being accessed.  Any suggestions to revive this unit would be appreciated.


I ended up needing a new HC250. I could never recover from this. I believe the original problem is something becoming corrupt on the HC250. I don't believe editing the certs was the problem, because after getting the new HC250, the same steps produced a functional system.  I eventually got an EA1 to replace the EA250 because the firmware wouldn't upgrade to a version that had a driver I wanted. I wish I had just gone straight to the EA1 when this crash happened. So that would be my suggestion. Ditch the HC250 and upgrade.

was able to get the HC 250 to reset to V2.50 on the USB

how to update to 2.53 from there as i get a SSL error when trying to register the controler