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Help: HC800 won't start without a restore usb key!

Anyone know how to restore the boot partition?  Also the download site for 2.10.x appears to be down - with the usb creator program I can download up to 2.9.x but nothing higher!

The HC800 contains just a small SATA based disk, SanDisk 8GB and is standard SATA Data/Power connectors.  And you can just re-image it using a Imaging tool such as HDD Raw Copy Tool on a Desktop PC (or laptop if you have a SATA to USB convertor cable)

Follow these steps to re-image the drive (same as a Factory Reset):

  1. Open up the HC800 (just unscrew the metal case, screws are on the bottom and back surrounding the IO ports (but not the screws amongst the IO ports) and then slide it backwards away from the front panel, unscrew the SanDisk 8GB module, and plug it into your Desktop PC.  Download the HC800 Image from the update URL (link details below), and then just re-image the disk.. Plug it back in to the HC800 Controller and boot it up and it'll be like a factory reset controller.  If the SATA Disk fails to be read on the PC then its most likely died, move to step 2.
  2. Purchase a replacement SanDisk 8GB SATA disk off eBay (links below) and do the same proceedure as Step 1, imaging the drive, before installing it into the Controller.

HDD Raw Copy Tool:


C4 HC800 Image:


If you need another version, simply substitute the version in the above link..


SanDisk 8GB SATA Replacement Disks: (There are heaps to be found).

wow! thanks a lot! i used an old ssd and it is working again.

i was planning to trow it to the trash, but now it is running back again.

i am so happy! 🙂



I have tried few computers and few Hdd all of them are giving me write errors. Two of the 8gb hdd are brand new so i know they are fine any suggestions please?


i think there is a problem with your system and not with the harddrive itself.

i had 3 faulty hc800 controllers. i tried different sata drives. all worked fine. normal sata ssd drives aswell. 🙂