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How to install new EA-3 controller in an existing jailbroken project

new to C4. i bought a house with a 800 as the main controller and a 250 as the slave for the guest house. it's running 2.9 OS and can't upgrade further due to the 250 being old hw.

my question is what are the high level steps / process to install the EA-3 i just bought on eBay as the new main controller and make the 800 the new slave in the guest house so that i can then upgrade the project to OS 3.+

i managed to jailbreak the 800 using online guides and have access to my project but that's as far as i've gotten thus far. any help would be appreciated !!!

I would use the Controller Migration Wizard from the Tools menu in Composer, this will let you either "Replace an existing controller in a project" or "Migrate a project to a newer controller".

Details copied from Migration Wizard KB article:


  1. Add the new/replacement controller to the current project.
  2. Identify the new/replacement controller (activate)
  3. Update the OS on the project (and ALL controllers) to the SAME BUILD; at least OS 2.8.1.
  4. You must be running Composer Pro on the same physical network in order to migrate the project of a primary controller. The Remote Director connection may not be used for controller migration.


Because a primary controller must be fully functional in order to migrate to another primary controller, this wizard can’t be used to replace a non-functional primary controller.

If 3rd-party drivers which are registered or licensed using the mac address of the primary controller are in use within the system, you will need to contact the 3rd-party supplier and request a new license key or activation code. The generated migration report will show the mac address of the original primary controller and that of the new primary controller.

If 3rd-party drivers utilize a mac address-based pairing, these drivers will also need to be re-paired using the driver-specific pairing mechanisms. For example, Control4 has developed and delivered the following drivers which need to be re-paired with the target device or system:

  • AppleTV
  • Apple iTunes
  • Nest Master Thermostat
  • Pandora

Third party developers may also have drivers that fall into this category. Control4 recommends specifically testing all IP-based drivers within the project after the migration is completed to ensure that they continue to function properly for the customer.

  Programming that is attached to the controller device (events/actions) is not automatically migrated. If there is any programming associated with a controller that is migrated (such as screen saver programming, popups, etc.) it will be listed in the migration report and will need to be manually recreated, if desired.

If you cannot run that migration wizard, there is a Manual Migration procedure.. but its a really long method and lots of steps required.