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"New" setup

Not sure I'm posting in the right place, but here's what I'm putting together. I'm taking the DIY route and will update as I get this all set up. My goal is to have the system running by June. I have/am acquiring:

  • Control4 TUN2-E-B - Dual AM/FM Tuner
  • Control4 8AMP1-B - 8 Channel Matrix Amplifier
  • Control4 HC500-E-B - Controller w/ remote
  • Control4 TW7CO-BL - Touchscreen w/ POE module
  • Extron DXP 44 HD 4k - 4x4 HDMI Matrix Switch
  • 2x Tivo Mini
  • Roku

This will become a permanent setup in my basement with speaker wires and cat5 runs for HDMI run out to the garage and backyard. In the garage there is a TV and projector that will be fed HDMI independently from the switch. Four speakers are in the garage that are set up for dual stereo which will be fed from 4 channels of the matrix amp. Two additional speakers are out in the backyard and will be connected to 2 more channels of the amp. I would like TV audio in the backyard, so the two S/PDIF outputs of the Extron switch will be connected to the SPDIF inputs on the matrix amp. I would also like the ability to play a different radio station in the backyard than the garage, so the two analog outputs of the dual tuner will be connected to the remaining two analog inputs of the amp. I will not be using any A/V inputs or outputs on the HC500.

Based on the information I have gathered, I will need to:

  • USB-restore the HC500 to the latest software version I can run Director on
  • Install and crack the same version of Composer Pro on my PC
  • Create/Aquire IP or RS232 drivers for the Extron switch, projector, and possibly IR codes for the TV
  • Set up a separate ethernet network where everything has a static IP on the same subnet
  • Connect Tivo boxes and Roku to HDMI switch.

I already have nice wireless remotes for the Tivo boxes and Roku and don't plan on controlling them with the HC500 unless I can make it really easy to use. I imagine the touchscreen control interface having a selection as such:

Backyard: Radio station / TV audio 1 /TV audio 2


Audio: Radio station / TV audio 1 / TV audio 2


TV: Tivo 1 / Tivo 2 / Roku

Projector: Tivo 1 / Tivo 2 / Roku

I don't really care about the actual naming scheme or how things are routed as long as everything switches quickly and correctly. The old setup uses a 4x2 HDMI switch that has a long delay when switching sources. I'm also going for the centralized touchscreen interface instead of two receivers and having the ability to expand the system to the rest of the house eventually. Thanks for reading!

Once I get everything set up initially I would like to clone the hard drive of the HC500 to a new one since it is old and will fail soon. I hope ddrescue is good enough to do this.

Things to do if I still have time:

  • Contact closure input for toggling everything off or on
  • Contact closure input for backyard volume
  • Find information on or reverse-engineer the ethernet control of the matrix amp and tuner

Comments and suggestions welcome!


I would not use a 500 I would use a Ea1 or Ea3 that way you can use some of the new services also a 500 uses ide drives an Easy you can use a USB hard drive and you canĀ  more likely find drivers the 500 can only go to 1.8 software not the current 3.1.2

Thanks @brians2803! I will look into getting an EA1. I must have a newer revision of the HC-500 since mine has a SATA drive and software 2.9.1. Since I have some time on my hands and like how all three boxes match, I'm going to try and get the HC-500 to work.


Everything is wired up and currently works without a director.

The Extron switch did not work out of the box since the EDIDs of the inputs are set to 720p by default. You have to be an Extron insider to get the GUI configuration software but the EDID of the inputs can also be set using telnet.

The control4 amp and dual-tuner have front panel controls. I am able to manually set the matrix and output levels of the amp and radio stations of the tuners.

I am currently working on the HC-500. It has a SATA drive from 2007 that I cloned (thankfully with no errors) to a newer drive using GNU ddrescue and it boots up on software 2.9.1.


I have spent a long time trying to downgrade the HC-500 and have now ordered an EA1. Looking forward to automating!