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Old Composer and Hardware


We used to be a dealer years ago. I have several Home Theater Controllers AVM-HTC1-B new in the box. I don't know what version of firmware they are running, but my Composer 1.7.1 will not see any of them.

In my house I have 50 light dimmers and 3 button switches installed. I had been using Composer 1.7.1 to program the HTC perviously, but recently the HTC hit the floor and is no longer working properly. I can log into it and see the project, but none of the rooms or devices show up and none can be added. I would like to replace it with another unit that I have on hand, but cannot get into them.

Is there anyone with older than Composer 1.7.1 that might be able to access these units or is there another way to get into them. Then, how can I upgrade the firmware to work with the other existing hardware.


Thanks for the help!!


I've decided to hook-up my AVM-MC1-B again after many years, my installer created 5 different project files for my living room but I no longer have my home edition of composer that supports my old box but I still have my serial number for the software on the control4 site under my account. I installed 2.0.6 composer pro and got one error and one warning shown in the picture saying I needed composer 1.7.4 to modify my projects. My controller is running 1.7.4 . Is there a way to update the controller to 2.0.6? I tried the update manager and it failed. Do you know where I can get 1.7.4 composer?


Uploaded files:

In version 2 it can't be the main controller you can go up to ver 2.5.3

I found composer 1.7.4 and my controller is happy with no issues and I was able to open up my project files with no issues. I was unable to run  2.5.3 or higher, the program wouldn't start.

What is your main controller it can not be the media controller it can be a ht 1000, ht 250 ,ea 1 or ea 3

This is my only box AVM-MC1-B, I purchased it back in 2010 new and my dealer charged me $125 an hour to hook-up and create my first project and over the next 3 years he tweaked my project 4 times, expensive! Below is my components list that it controls and works pretty well. I just want to be able to do my own programing to replace my Plasma TV with a new Sony large screen. I'm considering getting the EA-5 controller to replace my AVM-MC1-B but not sure if its worth the money and trouble. I'm trying to find the composer 1.8.0 and 1.8.x  upgrade now but have had no luck finding it so far.

Control4 AVM-MC1-B controller
Sony DVP-CX777ES 400 disk changer
Pioneer Elite SC-05 receiver
Pioneer Elite PRO-950HD Plasma TV
Dish Network Satellite receiver box

Then you can only go to ver 1.8 it can be a slave controller in ver 2.0 with a different controller as the main

Thanks for the info, I did not know ver 2.0 didn't support my controller as the main. I will try to find 1.8 and work with that for the mean time.