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Thinking about......

Thinking about taking my HC1000 and converting it into a NAS. Its a nice chassis and i already have the Rack Mount Ears on it. Probably load some LINUX based NAS Server on it and upgraded the Hard Drive to a 3TB. Anybody attempted this kind of project?

Repurposed my HC1000

2TB NAS running Open Media Vault


Uploaded files:

Just got to checking this post out.  This is a great re-use for outdated controllers.  Excellent idea!

Do you know what the original capacity on the HC1000 or HC500 was? One could actually install a networked linux mediaplayer on it. I don't know how the drivers for the HDMI etc would work out.  But one could have a full fledged streaming device.

For some reason the the audio quality from my USB music files is not as great when using the contoller analog out, as  say when I play it on my computer.  Don't know if that is psychoplogical, but the difference it quite bit.  May the DAC on the HC800 (what I am using) is not that good??

Will look into the repurposing as media streamer.

The HT 1000 is a regular computer with 1 gig drive the HT 500 has 500 meg  the 1000 can be made into a sever there several ways

By 1000 500 gigs the hr 500 250 gigs was thinking of what I changed them to