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Upgrade limitations on HC200

Originally posted by MJ on 2016/11/13:


" cannot bring the HC200 up by itself when it is at 2.0.5. You will have to use another controller (HC300 or HC500) that is between version 2.2-2.53 to update the HC200 to 2.5.3. Once it is upgraded to 2.5.3 then you can update it to 2.6.0 or later. I ended up buying a HC250 and using it to update several touch screens and HC200s that were at 2.0.5."

Do you need an HC300/500 with 2.2-2.53 on it or will these factory reset to something like 2.2-2.53?  In other words, if you get an HC300 with later firmware can you use that by factory resetting?

The factory reset will reset to the version it was when it was new it you want to set it to 2.53 you need to do a USB restore with the USB restore tool the 500 can't be your main controller but the 200 can

Thanks.  I tried the USB restore tool with a couple of different USB flash drives and tried restore vs reinstall.  Doesn't seem to actually do anything when I restart with the USB key in.  Is there some kind of trick to get this to update or is this processes finicky with USB flash drives or something?

Restore only works on ht 300 ht 1000 ht 500 media players and old home controller ht200 andwand ht250 only restore to version it  was when new then you can upgrade it to the version you need  USB only works up to 2.53

brians2803 thanks for the reply but not sure I fully follow.  The whitepaper on USB restore says the following...

3.1 Recoverable Devices
Control4 Media Controller, Home Theater Controller, Home Controller HC-200, Home Controller HC-300, Home Controller HC-500, Home Controller HC-1000 V1 and V2, 7” Touch Screen and 10.5” Touch Screen V1 and V2, 10.5” Wall-Mount Touch Screen, 7” Table Top Touch Screen, Mini Touch Screen V1 and V2, Speaker Point®.

Under "Perform the Restore" there are also instructions for HC200.  When creating a USB stick, it can certainly select the HC200 and it gives me options for 1.x versions or 2.53 and after.

Do I need a HC200 at 2.53 already ... is that the issue?  If so what do I need in order to get from 2.1 to 2.53 or later?