Yesterday I had Enersource install a free (like!) Energate Thermostat through the Small Commercial PeaksaverPlus program… and while it immediately looked lovely on the wall, nothing worked! The installer felt sure it wasn’t connecting to our wifi – but when he breezed past a setup screen I saw that it had an IP address, etc. When I finally convinced him to go back to that screen, I could see that the IP address was in our range and the gateway was correct for our network. So, we’re on the wifi successfully.

The thermostat is stuck on a message that reads “Searching forĀ ESP”. So – long story, short – I connect to the firewall and monitor the traffic from the IP address of the thermostat and find that it’s trying to go out on port 8580… and then 18580 and 28580 and 48580… and probably some other variations, but all ending with 8580. (How elegant.) I proceeded to add a very simple rule to the firewall, allowing outbound TCP traffic on port 8580 and BINGO! We have found our ESP. The thermostat is happy.

After my Enersource installer leaves I follow the instruction sheet he left behind to install the MyEnergate app on my iPhone and… can you guess? It’s unable to connect. After making sure I had picked the right “utility”, I ran the same test as with the thermostat and found the app wanting to connect on port 9592! I add the simple outbound TCP on port 9592 rule to the firewall, and we’re off to the races.

I hope this helps somebody out there. And c’mon Energate… document this somewhere, will ya?!?!