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Car is located in Georgetown, Ontario

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This 2000 323Ci Sport has been off the road for about 8 years, waiting patiently to become a track car.  Not a serious race car, but a car I could strip out and make light and have some fun with.  But it never happened.  It’s spent all but about 8 months of that time stored indoors.  It shows 203,845 kms on the odometer.

It’s a Sport model with a 5-speed manual gearbox, and of course the Sport suspension and sport seats.  (I’m not sure what else, if anything, differentiates it from the non-Sport model.)

The car is largely rust-free, though a bit of surface rust is present next to the grill, and there’s presumably a clogged drain in the drivers door that has led to a bit of rust on the front, bottom corner.  Shortly before taking the car off the road (2012) the paint on the hood started to flake off, plus a very small portion on the front bumper.  This leads me to suspect the hood may have been replaced and poorly sprayed since the flaking has not affected the front wings, roof, or anywhere else.  When I bought the car (2006) there was no accident damage reported in the Carfax report (which I may or may not still have) so I don’t know this for sure.  Sadly, there are a pair of dents from falling objects inside the garage — one above the drivers door, and one along the top of the door.  Also, it came with a very pretty rear spoiler, but the adhesive one day just let go and it simply fell off the car.  The spoiler sustained minor damage but should be easily repairable with a small amount of putty.

This car is a “project” because it is not currently running.  It does start and runs very briefly.  I recently drained and cleaned the fuel tank and replaced the fuel pump (Oct 2020) and it has a small amount of fresh gas in the tank.  I believe all the injectors and plugs are working.  There is a vacuum leak, however – one of the air intake hoses has a crack in it.  The mass airflow sensor or an idle control valve have been suggested as areas to check, but I think the vacuum leak needs to be fixed ahead of these.  However, I am just not able to make the time for it.  The battery is also about 1.5 years old and has spent most of that time disconnected and on a trickle charger.  Included are brand new cam cover seals, and a brand new oil filter.

The interior is in excellent condition but for one small cut in the surface of the drivers seat.  It has an aftermarket Alpine radio/CD player.  Naturally, the door/window trim is falling — this happens to all E46s, given enough time.  (I’ve read that the BEST fix is Gorilla gel glue and clamps – an easy fix.  And the sunroof shade is off its rails – another common E46 issue.  (I purchased replacement parts and will include them if I can locate them.)

Oh… and the left-rear tire isn’t holding air.  I believe that covers everything I can possibly tell you about the car!

As a “project” it is not currently possible to test drive it.  But with E46 Coupes starting to become collectible, it’s likely that this car is worth resurrecting.  Read for some DIY fun?  Bring a trailer!  😉