2001 John Deere 4600 Tractor with PowrReverser transmission.

2,041 hours.

Includes John Deere 460 loader, Long Manufacturing 1199B backhoe, Reist P48H Landscaper, and Horst 2,000 lb pallet forks (42″, I think).

Purchased in 2010 with 1,686 hours on it from Hornby Glen Golf Course where it was kept indoors year-round, washed after every use (because it was often visible to the golfers) and given impeccable service. They were the original purchasers from Green Tractor in Milton. I purchased the Long backhoe from Hornby Glen with the tractor.

I have put 355 hours on the tractor, completing a number of landscaping and basic property maintenance projects. All the projects are done now, so it’s time to let it go to the next owner!

Regular upkeep and maintenance has been fully adhered to – oil every 100 hours, grease every 50 hours, and hydraulic fluid level maintained, plus air, oil, fuel and hydraulic fluid filters, etc. (A print out of the owners manual will be included.) I have also had some major service items taken care of: rebuild of the hydraulic pump, new hydraulic rams on the loader, and so on, completed by Green Tractor (JD dealer). (I will try to locate receipts prior to sale.)

Engine, transmission, 4WD system (which I believe was an option), and hydraulics are solid. ROPS. PowrReverser transmission is amazing; it has a clutch, but you often don’t need to use it with this transmission… it’s very flexible and friendly. 4 basic gears (1-4), 3 ranges (A-B-C), plus “creeper gear” available in forward or reverse… that’s 24 gears… 48 if you distinguish forward and reverse. =)

“Power Beyond” (?) system added to provide hydraulic power to a rear-mounted implement (eg. backhoe). Draw bar (for towing) also included. Angle iron professionally welded across the top of the loader bucket for added strength and adding a hook, which has been incredibly useful over my years with it.

Rear Goodyear “Terra-tire” have lots of tread. I recall being informed that they are filled with anti-freeze to add weight… but never verified or had any trouble. The front industrial tires are well worn and could do with replacing; the front-left tire has a slow leak.

Added Horst 42″ forks (rated for 2,000 lbs) and 48″ Reist Landscaper to aid in my projects.

The backhoe is a Long Manufacturing unit that could benefit from some rebuilt hydraulic rams. The main ram has already been rebuilt.

The Reist Landscaper is worth its weight in gold – amazing implement. Bearings are awesome – the drum spins happily. Two rows of teeth are adjustable for height and the whole thing is adjustable for angle. Bar shown in picture is included.

Horst forks – the main structure is solid, though the fence got bent at some point.

The seat currently needs to be replaced… the foam cushion has come adrift. I believe a seat costs about $100.