After spending time to style the Total Donations Plugin just the way I wanted it, I finally got around to clicking my “Donate Now” button… and, holy cow, it’s not working at all!  I click and see “Just a moment while we redirect you to PayPal”. After a few seconds, I get an alert dialog that says:

www.[domain].com says:

[ ] Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs.

Note that there is nothing else in this dialog… no useful information. =(

I found the author’s Troubleshooting page for this problem here but trying all four combinations of the AJAX caller and cross domain checkbox settings did not help.

LONG STORY, SHORT… after deactivating all plugins without luck, I was ready to activate a different theme. The site is built on Divi 2.7, but I forgot I had a child theme. (It only replaces the footer and points at the main Divi CSS.) Bizarrely, activating Divi without the child theme is what has saved the day!  (Sort of… I do prefer to have the child theme activated, so this isn’t really “the” solution… but it does get things working again.)

Now… if only I could get a response from the folks at Calmar Webmedia… hellooooo?!?!