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Composer Pro Custom Programming Buttons on SR260 Remote

I have tried Garrynewman released jailbreak and am using Composer Pro version 3.2.2 successfully. I don't have a delaer login but my account is created on Control4 and EA-1 controller is registered successfully.

Now, the problem that I am facing is that I don't have a lot of knowledge with Control4 programming and I would like to configure custom buttons in SR260 remote but in Composer Pro, I can't see where to configure these custom buttons on my remote. The Composer Pro just shows that my SR260 Remote is in an existing mesh network but doesn't show the button layout for my remote.

Would someone be able to help with this programming?

This may blow your mind (it did for me when I first found out), but you cannot program custom buttons on the remote. You cannot map the hardware buttons to anything. It is just not setup for that. Here is what you can do:

In Composer, go under Agents.  Select "Custom Buttons". If it doesn't exist, select Add and pick Custom buttons. Now you can create "Custom buttons" and label them whatever you want. They won't do anything until you go into programming and program what you want the buttons to do. Finally, when you want to use the custom buttons, you press "list" on the SR260. It'll popup a list of the buttons you created, and you can select which one to execute by scrolling through the list. That's the best you'll do.



You can control any button on the remote control at the room level. Select room, and in programming you can select any button to program.  I programmed the custom button 1 to dim the light to 10%. Custom button 2 to 50 and so on