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Old Composer and Hardware


We used to be a dealer years ago. I have several Home Theater Controllers AVM-HTC1-B new in the box. I don't know what version of firmware they are running, but my Composer 1.7.1 will not see any of them.

In my house I have 50 light dimmers and 3 button switches installed. I had been using Composer 1.7.1 to program the HTC perviously, but recently the HTC hit the floor and is no longer working properly. I can log into it and see the project, but none of the rooms or devices show up and none can be added. I would like to replace it with another unit that I have on hand, but cannot get into them.

Is there anyone with older than Composer 1.7.1 that might be able to access these units or is there another way to get into them. Then, how can I upgrade the firmware to work with the other existing hardware.


Thanks for the help!!